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OUR SCHOOL: Learn to Transcribe has passed rigorous accreditation standards of the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers and is an official AAERT approved school that provides top quality education.

We are also an official school approved by Stenograph to train MAXScribe software editors to produce top quality transcripts. MAXScribe training is a separate advanced training that is perfect for graduates of this legal transcription course. Employers are eager to hire our MAXScribe graduates.

In addition, we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and numerous 5-star reviews online.

THIS COURSE: This online course was prepared by our expert staff of seasoned court reporters and legal transcriptionists who have many decades of experience and knowledge to share with you. The foundational course covers most everything you will encounter to produce transcripts for legal proceedings in the United States.

This is not a course for legal secretarial or paralegal work but, rather, how to properly create verbatim transcripts of depositions, hearings, courtroom trials, arbitrations, and other related proceedings involving sworn testimony as well as U.S. law enforcement transcription.

Hi! I'm Linda Wilson ..

As your instructor, I will begin by saying that I am a Certified Stenographic Court Reporter for many years and hold a Notary Public commission. My CCR certification is recognized by the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers as someone having the training and credentials to instruct students on how to properly create legal transcripts.

Although modest in talking about myself, just know that I have decades of experience creating transcripts of sworn testimony in criminal and civil matters, along with much teaching experience.

I am anxious to help you have an amazing and potentially lucrative career. Let's do this!

What's Included in this Course?
  • Online 24/7, ready when you are, on demand.
  • Audios and visual learning with "how-to" videos.
  • Numerous downloads to create large personal study guide.
  • Morson's English Guide used for punctuation and grammar.
  • Lots of videos and information regarding technology.
  • Training on Microsoft Word and text expanders.
  • Ethics and confidentiality stressed.
  • Introduction to CAT scoping.
  • Following client preferences stressed.
  • Numerous graded quizzes.
  • Importance of meeting deadlines stressed.
  • Information about recordkeeping provided.
  • Lots of transcription practice - depositions, trials, and hearings.
  • Heavy emphasis on accuracy.
  • Proofing PDF files.
  • Practice editing in Microsoft Word.
  • Proctored and graded skills exam.
  • Marketing information after graduation.
  • Average student takes two months to complete theory portion and an additional two months to complete all practice files.


  • First and second exam included in tuition.
  • Retake $60 U.S. prepaid, nonrefundable.

EXAM FEES (beginning 7/1/24)

  • First exam included in tuition.
  • Retake $60, U.S. prepaid, nonrefundable.


  • Graduation with a Certificate of Completion.
  • U.S. citizen graduates of this course are eligible for and are offered a referral to one of our U.S. network partner entities with a current opening for an apprenticeship, usually lasting around 30 days.
  • Apprentices are paid by the entity, with rates discussed during apprenticeship interview and are contract workers.
  • Most apprentices are offered part-time or full-time employment opportunities with the same entity after apprenticeship expires.
  • Each entity has its own criteria, types of work, and payment structures.
  • Our graduates are referred at no charge to our partner entities.
  • Our graduates are given priority and fast tracked for employment with several of our partner entities.
  • Our partners love our graduates because they are so well trained, resulting in a win/win situation all the way around!

What to Expect?

As you work your way through all of the lectures, you will have your turn for much transcription practice at your own pace.


Quizzes are provided along the way, with a final examination. Lectures are explained in easy-to-follow audios and videos.

How Long to Finish?

The average length of time to graduate from this course is approximately four months, depending on student since this varies greatly.

After I Graduate?

Some people want to establish a business and others desire a 30-day paid apprenticeship opportunity.

High Demand!

Having acquired the proper skills to transcribe litigation files means that our graduates are in high demand.

Where Would I Work?

Work is performed in your home via the internet as a remote independent contractor, either part time or full time.

What is Needed?
Equipment Needed

Windows desktop or laptop, any brand.

Full-sized keyboard preferred.

External mouse, any kind.

Headphones. any kind.

Infinity foot pedal - needed when 1/2 way through course.

Software Used

Word Processor:
(Word, any version,
or CAT software)

Digital Audio Player:
(Explained in course)

Supplies Needed

Notepad & pen.

No books need to be bought for course.

If printing downloads:

Printer, any brand.

Printer paper (3-hole) 1 ream.

3-ring binder (2 or 3 inch).

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  BONUS COURSES (Graduates)
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Per our Terms of Use Agreement, course fees are not refundable, and we do not honor chargebacks. Payments are automated and cannot be stopped. The course cannot be discontinued for buyer's remorse, change in personal circumstances, etc.

Please note that enrollment is a binding contractual agreement to pay all tuition fees in full.

SALES TAX: Mandatory sales tax, if applicable, is automatically added to payments and automatically remitted by the payment processor. Check with your government for the percentage, if any, that is automatically assessed by your governmental entity for online purchases.

U.S. CURRENCY: Our fees are in U.S. dollars.

RECOUP COST OF PROGRAM: Most of our graduates tell us that they recouped the entire cost of the program within a few weeks of working as an independent contractor. However, we do not guarantee anyone's income level or success since each person's experience is unique.

As noted above, we do not offer refunds nor chargebacks. This same policy has always been clearly stated and is also included in the Terms of Use.

Yes. Contact us for information if interested in becoming an affiliate.

Affiliates receive a commission only if a student used their specific affiliate link on enrollment. If a student failed to use their link for any reason, affiliate commissions are not paid. Affiliate commissions are paid on a "last touch" system. Therefore, if a student is led to enrollment by more than one affiliate, commission attaches to the affiliate's code used on enrollment.

The discount is the same amount paid for the Getting Started course and is available only to those who purchased the Getting Started course. A special code is included inside the Getting Started course. Discount code works with payment in full, not monthly payment plans.

Check for current availability.

For students on a payment plan, all fees must be paid in full before advancing to the practice files.

Payments on payment plans are automatically done by computer approximately every 30 days, with no more than three attempts spread over a few days to charge the card on file. If the card declines, student receives an automated email with instructions to update their card on file. After three attempts, student is automatically unenrolled from course and forfeits all payments made for failure to honor payment agreement.

To re-enroll, if desired, student must pay a nonrefundable reinstatement fee and pay the full balance due so that the course is paid in full. Doing so automatically returns student to where they left off in the course.

It is extremely important to use a payment card that will not decline until tuition is paid in full. We cannot charge a card, pause a payment, add a new card, etc. Students can post a new card or substitute a card on their profile page if desired.

Early payout is allowed by paying the full balance left on pay plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course self-paced? Students work their way through the course lectures, quizzes, practice files, and exam on their own schedule with no pressure of being removed from the course for noncompliance of meeting any certain deadlines.

Can I "power through" the course and finish sooner than the estimated time? You should go at a pace that allows you to fully understand everything as you go since this course is packed with a tremendous amount of material to get through.

Are practice files included for students to transcribe? Yes. This course has a LOT of practice files which take most students about two months to fully complete.

Are practice files graded or checked by staff? Yes. We spot-check files and offer feedback on errors spotted.

Is there a Certificate of Completion? Yes. Graduates receive a Certificate of Completion.

Is marketing included? Our graduates receive a link to enroll in our course called "Learn and Earn" which includes lots of valuable workforce and marketing information.

Will graduating from this course qualify me to pass the national CET exam? This course puts students on a pathway toward pursuing future AAERT transcriber certification if desired. This particular course is not a detailed and specialized training for how to pass the national CET examination.

Can I rely on what someone said online about this course? We do not monitor and are not responsible for what anyone not employed by our academy says. Contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

Can a non-U.S. citizen take this course? Since this course includes an apprenticeship and/or employment opportunity available only to U.S. citizens, this particular course is open only to U.S. citizens.

Do you guarantee how much money I will earn transcribing legal files? That is impossible since everyone's earning capacity is different.

Can a graduate be rejected for an apprenticeship? Yes, that is possible, depending on the particular circumstances. A few examples include: not following entry test instructions, lying on employment application, not meeting typing speed or accuracy expectations, unable to pass a criminal background check if one is required.

Does this course offer "job placement"? We do not "place" anyone into a job. We offer our graduates an opportunity for a referral to one of our network partner entities and facilitate introductions. We try to locate a good fit for both graduate and employer, similar to a job matching service, at no charge.

Does this course include coaching? Yes. Coaching is included in the practice files section as well as weekly group Zoom sessions. In addition, paid one-on-one coaching is also available if desired.

Is there an age or educational requirement to take this Legal Transcription training course? To enroll in this course, students must be at least 18 years of age and have completed high school or an equivalent level of education.

Will I have access to the instructor and/or staff? Yes. The course includes several weekly group Zoom sessions along with very timely email replies. For emergencies, students can also phone or text during office hours of 9-5 CST Monday through Friday.

Will I need to pass a background check to be employed as a legal transcriptionist?
Some entities require a criminal background check due to the nature of the work being highly confidential. Even though some entities do not require a background check, it would be best if able to pass a background check.

How to know if I should pay in full or which payment plan to go with? Excellent question! There is no perfect answer since each student's situation is different.

However, some students have enrolled in a 6-month plan, for instance, thinking they would go through more slowly than they actually did. To their surprise, they completed the theory portion in 2 months or less. To proceed to the practice portion of the course, that meant a wait of 4 more months for all of their payments to go through (so that they were paid in full to gain access to the practice portion). Frustrating? Yes! If ready to proceed immediately, their only option to break through the pay wall was to pay all remaining payments all at one time.

Therefore, choosing the best payment option is really a matter of how much time a student anticipates being able to devote to the training and how much credit is available on their payment source.

Residency Requirement for Paid Apprenticeships

U.S. States:
Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming