Law Enforcement Transcription

9-1-1 calls, interrogations, interviews, informants, eyewitnesses, undercover stings, and much more!

Our course "Law Enforcement" is an introduction into this type of transcription, which is a bit unique from all other kinds - and usually the most challenging. We have created a fascinating course that exposes you to various types of law enforcement transcription. We show you how each one should be done by providing samples, and then you have a turn to practice transcribing clips of audio and video. By doing the exercises, you will know your preferences right away. Most people find that they like certain types of law enforcement transcription better than others.

Law enforcement transcription includes such things as 9-1-1 calls, interrogations of suspects, jail/prison phone calls, interviews of witnesses, and covert recordings of confidential informants.

While law enforcement transcription is a bit more difficult to transcribe than certain other types of transcription, usually due to poor audio quality, sometimes much speaker overlapping, and background noise, it is also much more colorful and interesting than most all other kinds of transcription. There is never a dull moment with this type of transcription work!

You will be taken into the subculture world of criminals, gangs, and corruption. If you like to snoop on phone calls just to see what someone is saying, you will probably love transcribing 9-1-1 calls or calls from jail (Oops, did he just confess to his grandma on the phone? BUSTED!).

While we don't offer a paid apprenticeship opportunity with 100% law enforcement transcription (as we do with legal transcription), just know that we are here for you with several experienced coaches available to assist you and help steer you in the right direction to find work!

You can make some good money transcribing law enforcement audio and video, too!

Timolyn Davidson (general transcriptionist) says … "This course is a great way to get an understanding of law enforcement transcription. The audio and video samples provided give you invaluable exposure to the many different types of files you may encounter. You truly get a sense of the intricacies of this type of transcription. The course instruction, along with the samples and templates provided, make the price tag well worth it!"

Ticia Brandon (medical transcriptionist) says … "Loved the course! Very detailed and informative with practice samples and examples. Great for the visual learner. No pressure, no stress, just when it is convenient for you. Coaches are available to answer any questions that you may have."

Your Instructor

Linda Wilson, CCR
Linda Wilson, CCR

Hello. I am a certified court reporter with a wealth of transcription knowledge, spanning over 40 years. I am truly grateful for the assistance of a number of fellow transcriptionists and true experts in the field for their help in developing these courses and serving as coaches for our students!

Our courses are focused on how we can serve YOU to help increase your knowledge and give you the tools and comfort level needed to make some great money working from home as a transcriptionist!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return here as often as I like?
Each student is guaranteed to have access to all original and/or any newly added content in this online course for as long as the course is active and available for sale. In the event the course should ever become discontinued and no longer sold to new students, prior enrolled students will continue to have access to the course and all content therein for at least six months after their enrollment date. Materials downloaded during the course can be kept forever or as long as the student wishes to retain them.
Will I get a Certificate of Completion?
Is the fee refundable?
Sorry, but we know you will learn far more than the fee paid, so we do not offer refunds.
Is law enforcement transcription work available?
Yes, absolutely!
Will you help me find work when I finish the course?
We will do everything we can to assist you!

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