Getting Paid

Are you confused about how to get paid for your work? Don't be a victim. Legally collect!

Unfortunately, collections sometimes become necessary. Annoying? Yes! The Internet can be a scary place because you might be thousands of miles away from your client for whom you did all the hard work and now they just simply won't pay you! To make matters worse, they might be completely ignoring you! What to do?

Our course has lots of good suggestions for how to avoid becoming a victim of theft of your services and ways to legally collect your invoices. Advice given by friends is good to know, but to drill down to the "exactly what should I do?" question, take this course and learn professional and legal methods of collecting money owed to you!

In addition to having this course thoroughly beta tested, it has been reviewed for accuracy by one of our attorneys.

Ryan Burwell says … "As an independent contractor, this course is a lifesaver when it comes to initiating new contracts with companies. I learned some key information to prevent getting scammed and what legal action to take should I not receive payment. The course is streamlined and easy to follow. As a bonus, Linda includes hilarious GIFs and pics to keep you laughing throughout. If you're interested in maximizing your income as a transcriptionist, do not hesitate to take this course!"

Scott Kaplan says … "Any person even thinking of starting a home-based transcription business, this is the information you'd want at your fingertips. Today, I used one of the collections techniques learned in this course, and it worked! Linda knows her stuff and it shows. Worth every penny."

Cinta Corbin says … "This course is great! A wealth of information about what to do, what not to do, and how to avoid "traps" (for lack of a better term). Thank you!"

Betty Young says … "Hi, Linda. This course was informative and to the point. I like your sample letters. I think the info is good for beginners as well as others who are already in the field. Thank you for taking time to put a course like this together."

Your Instructor

Linda Wilson, CCR
Linda Wilson, CCR

Hello. I am a certified court reporter with a wealth of transcription knowledge, spanning over 40 years. I am truly grateful for the assistance of a number of fellow transcriptionists and true experts in the field for their help in developing these courses and serving as coaches for our students!

Our courses are focused on how we can serve YOU to help increase your knowledge and give you the tools and comfort level needed to make some great money working from home as a transcriptionist!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return to my course as often as I want?
Each student is guaranteed to have access to all original and/or any newly added content in this online course for as long as the course is active and available for sale. In the event the course should ever become discontinued and no longer sold to new students, prior enrolled students will continue to have access to the course and all content therein for at least six months after their enrollment date. Materials downloaded during the course can be kept forever or as long as the student wishes to retain them.
Can I get a refund if I don't like the course?
Unfortunately, no. We feel certain that you will learn a great deal in all of our courses, so the fees are not refundable.

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